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Solar Power

Get solar at home for zero down. Or, tap attractive financing to get the most benefits from owning your own system.


You can save money by upgrading your roof at the same time.


Capture even more savings with energy-efficient heating and cooling.


Modern energy-efficient windows are a beautiful investment with a quick payback.

Artificial Turf

Get a lush, beautiful lawn that's always green, that's easy care -- and that's easy on your water bill.

Serving Southern California and all of Colorado

Two States Where Solar Really Pays

With clear sunny days, solar panels produce power well in California and Colorado. With high electricity rates, solar can mean big savings every month. And from the beach to the mountains, solar helps clear the air and protect the environment.

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Customer Praise for Sunergy from Yelp

  • I had my solar installed a few months ago and am now saving at least $200 a month.
    Mike F., Newhall, CA
    Mike F., Newhall, CA
  • Thanks to the professional and courteous employees of Sunergy, my home now has a beautiful roof, brand new central AC and solar panels.
    Alvaro A, Santa Clarita, CA
    Alvaro A., Santa Clarita, CA
  • Such a pleasant experience and one I have been dodging for years because I just hate pushy salespeople.
    Kathy W., Valencia, CA

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